What to do when I can’t pay my rent

At Robinson, we look at every client as a client for life.  We aim to be there for the long haul to provide astute advice, advise on effective strategies when the unexpected occurs and help you maintain a healthy ledger for when the time comes to apply for the next property there are no surprises.

We realise that sometimes life throws us challenges and we reassure you we are hear to help you through the process in relation to your obligations and responsibilities in paying your rent.  We have an experienced tenancy team ready to hear from you if you have any questions.

So to assist, we have developed a list below to help you know the impact not paying your rent can have on you today and into the future.


  • Your responsibility as a tenant is to pay your rent on time, every time;
  • We know things happen which are out of your control, so if you find yourself in arrears please communicate. There are options and we are here to help


  • Does paying rent a few days late really matter? YES
  • A ledger entry will be added to your file even if you are only a few days late in paying rent!
  • Having a history of arrears can affect your future tenancy and finance applications.
  • Depending on the severity of the arrears you may be:-
    • Evicted from the property;
    • Have to appear before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal;
    • Added to national databases (e.g. TICA) for tenants in default. These databases are used by real estate agencies and landlords nationwide;


If you find yourself in arrears:-

  • Immediately call our Tenancy Team on 4902 7255
  • Work with the Tenancy Team to arrange:-
    • Confirm you have made payment via DEFT or BPay;
    • Over the phone payment, we accept credit card or EFTPOS (please note a 2% surcharge)
    • Agree on a payment plan