What matters most when you choose housing?

Where we choose to live affects every aspect of our life, whether it is where we work, where our children go to school or the types of friendship and family networks we develop.

An on-line survey by the Grattan Institute asked the fundamental question, “What matters most when you choose housing?” and their recent report listed exactly what Australians want in a home. In other words, the ideal property if there were no monetary/lifestyle restraints.

The 706 participants were given a list of eight variables at a time and asked to rank them in order of what mattered most and what mattered least to their housing choice.

The results are listed below from the top priority to the least:
• The number of bedrooms.
• Safety for people and property.
• Near family and friends.
• The number of living spaces.
• Whether the house is detached.
• Near local shops.
• Near a shopping centre.
• Near a bus, tram or ferry stop.
• Has a garage.
• Little traffic congestion in the local area.

For property investors, these priorities should be considered when assessing the potential of a property being considered for purchase. The more boxes you can tick so to speak, the more likely it is you will attract strong tenant interest and quickly secure a suitable long-term tenancy.

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