Top 5 neighbourhood features that increase the value of your Newcastle home

Here are Robinson’s top five neighbourhood features that can keep the value of your home steadily rising over time.

1. Proximity to the beach

Most Australians dream about living close to the beach. In Newcastle, they can do it for much less than any capital city, so our area offers both value and several beachside suburbs to choose from. If you can buy within walking distance of a beach, do it. If you can’t afford to be that close, a short drive is also acceptable for buyers on a budget.

2. Educational opportunities

Having a property located near or within the catchment area of a sought-after school will keep your home’s value strong over time. ABS figures show a move away from expensive private schools to high quality public education, which means you have to be in the right catchment for your child to attend. Newcastle also has a world-class university, which employs hundreds of people and enables local high school graduates to stay here during their tertiary studies.

3. Walking distance to services

A property that is within walking distance to major transport hubs, schools, shops, parks, restaurants or cafes will increase your property’s value. People want quiet convenience, which means being able to walk to the bus stop or schools without hearing buses constantly zooming by or school bells ringing.

4.Period features or architecture

Period features add charm and character that Australians love to have in their homes. If you’re renovating a period home, it is best to retain those special features like ceiling roses, patterned ceilings, bay windows and picture rails and make everything else contemporary.

5. Future neighbourhood developments

Any major development that improves the liveability of your neighbourhood or creates new local employment is likely to lift your property’s value. Of increasing importance to our region is transport infrastructure, particularly air travel that enables city seachangers to live here and return to the capital cities easily. Newcastle is already the second busiest airport in NSW after Sydney and offers direct flights to Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, too.

Robinson expects to see more housing demand in Newcastle from Sydney buyers over coming years following the great work-from-home experiment during the Covid-19 lockdown. Many companies are making these arrangements permanent, which means workers no longer have to base themselves in Australia’s most expensive property market.

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