Robinson Property Office Consolidation

Ben Robinson in front of Robinson Property OfficeRobinson Property is undergoing a change that signals a new era of efficiency and collaboration for our organisation. We will soon be expanding our sales office located at 77 Glebe Rd, The Junction to accommodate our property management agents who were previously situated at 205 Union St, The Junction.

Having both our sales agent and property management teams under one roof means our clients will now have all their property needs serviced in the one building (the office pictured to the right with Ben Robinson at the door).

In the lead-up to this decision, we researched how leading Australian organisations provide the best for their clients in terms of efficiency  and technology. We concluded that consolidating our teams under one roof and gaining further efficiencies through an updated business model that includes working from home options for staff, hot-desking and flexible working hours was the right choice.

With the lease ending on our property management premises and the building no longer suiting our needs, the timing was right. The capital that we will save in the process will allow us to invest in innovation for our clients and expansion elsewhere in the Hunter and New South Wales.

Alex and James Dimovski, Robinson Property Agents in Office

James and Alex Dimovski, Robinson Property Agents in one of the new offices at 77 Glebe Rd, Newcastle.

The Property Management office at 205 Union St, The Junction will close on June 30th. We do not expect any clients to be inconvenienced by the move, however if you have any questions please let us know.

Kind regards,

The Robinson Property Team

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