Robinson Property – a local story of change

These are exciting times we live in. The property market is strong, with some beach-side suburbs recording over 20% growth in the past 12 months. We are seeing construction in and around our CBD, and with this, an influx of new residents.

Robinson Property is also changing. You might have seen our recent rebrand, where we have contemporised our presentation. We have a new logo, a refreshed digital presence and carefully recruited new talent to complement our strong and established team.

We do not change for the sake of changing. We change because it is our belief that if we stand still, we are in effect going backwards. We welcome change, because we believe change has the ability to welcome something better.

A strategic shift

This point of view stems from what we see as a strategic shift in our market place.

Today, clients have lots of choice. They have access to technology to promote their own properties, they can quickly do a digital, social and traditional audit of prospective property advisors. Their needs are more complex, as they are increasingly time-poor and savvy in terms of what value and expertise really means to them.

As a result, we have not only contemporised our brand, we are also re-engineering our business model. To be able to stay ahead for our clients, we are changing from a traditional real estate role to an end-to-end property solutions role. This means we shift a focus from a narrow section of a client’s property journey, into a holistic view of how we can serve our clients.

This starts before a person is buying or selling a home, in the preparation of placing the home on the market, throughout the buying or selling period and after the property has changed hands.

Specifically, what we are working on is still a bit of a secret! We are changing not only our sales process, but also recruiting the skillsets we believe we need to execute in a winning way.

Welcome better

Welcome better is a sentiment that has provided Robinson Property the privilege to grow into Newcastle’s leading independent full service property solution. We have three generations of Robinson’s who have established and nurtured our company to this position. By welcoming better, we have been able to adapt to change, always improving and looking for better outcomes for our clients.

Welcome better does not mean to say “we are better”. The market decides who is better. It is the yard stick we use to measure ourselves against. We compete to ensure our clients will always experience better.

While we are large, we’re not complacent. Our size is our strength. It attracts people with aspirations to grow, it provides a database rich in volume and insight, it provides resources to reinvest ensuring exceptional outcomes for clients.

The Robinson team are your local property advisors with a proud heritage of guiding clients through to wealth creation. Experience has taught us to stay ahead for our clients. That’s what welcome better means to us.

Watch what our team are saying about welcoming better

Some of you may have noticed our change, you may have even asked yourself what welcome better really means. Our agents have their own individual takes on what welcome better means to them. You can see what Mike Flook, Ben Robinson and Tony & Isaac Reville have got to say about welcoming better here.

Change can be a little frightening. It can be exhilarating. I welcome what is ahead, and look forward to seeing you in and around Newcastle soon!

Warm regards,

Matt Waddell

GM, Robinson Property


Matt Waddell

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