Pet-friendly gardening

While owning a pet can be extremely rewarding, it is important to know that it comes with great responsibility. As a pet owner, you will be committed to your pet’s health and well-being. This includes ensuring your space is pet-friendly and suitable, especially the backyard. If you are considering keeping your new pet outside, here are our top tips to make it the perfect space for your new furry friend.

Managing your space

If your new furry friend is a dog, consider how much space you have for them to run freely. Fencing the perimeters of your property will keep your dog from wandering into unsafe areas or getting lost. It will also help a new dog learn where the boundaries are.

Cats kept inside sometimes tend to attempt the great escape as they are intrigued by the great outdoors, so letting your cat outside can be beneficial. Many hardware and pet shops will carry ‘cat runs’ with plenty of space for your feline friend to climb, explore and relax.

Owning birds can be a rewarding experience; they look and sound beautiful with different personalities. Make sure your birds have the best lodging experience in a large bird cage with enough space to spread their wings and get enough exercise.

To make toilet training your new pet easier, try to have a designated area covered in mulch for your dog to use, or your kitty litter area easily accessible and kept tidy.

Securing your backyard

Most dogs of any size can slip through fences so make sure they are secure by fixing any potential breaches. If your dog or cat is a jumper, ensure there are no objects near the fence for your pet to use as a platform to jump over. Cement blocks below the fence can prevent your dog from digging through. Cat enclosures have plenty of space and will also keep your cat out of harm’s way. With any pet it is important to ensure that they can’t escape the confines of your backyard. Lots of treats, toys, affection, exercise, and attention will control the escapist behaviour.

Consider the weather

Make sure your pet has a warm and dry space for their bed, whether it is a kennel, crate or a padded pet bed. It is important that you provide enough shady areas for your pet and they have plenty of access to water, especially during the summer months. The weather can be unpredictable, so allow for an area in your backyard that is protected from any sudden downpours. This means your pet will be warm and can enjoy the rain from a safe spot.

Be careful of toxic plants

A surprising amount of common plants are toxic to both cats and dogs, so ensure you avoid lilies, azaleas, daphne, oleander, cycads, castor oil plants and more. Always do your research before you buy to avoid buying plants that could potentially harm your pets. A good tip is to ask the staff at the plant nursery.

Welcoming a new furry friend into the family is a big commitment. Your pet’s health and safety is paramount, so it is important that you pet-proof your backyard. Consider asking a vet or obedience trainer for help if you are struggling.

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