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Have you ever wondered what is involved in the sale of a home? From building inspections to finance arrangements, there are countless different processes that take place before contracts are exchanged.  That is what makes our jobs as Real Estate Agents so much fun, every day is varied and no day is the same as the last!

Our Agent Mike Flook has been kind enough to let us join him for a, “A Day in the Life”. We hope it is helpful glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of a buying or selling a home.

Mike Flook’s (Not So) Average Day


Wake up and check my emails. I have a question from a client regarding Finance for a home they are thinking of buying. This is an easy one so I shoot off a quick response.

Client: “I have been approved for Finance above the price of the home we looked at, should I start looking at homes in a higher bracket?”

My response: “Hi there, I know it is tempting to spend the money just because it is approved but I do not recommend spending above just for the sake of it. We will look at suburb value and potential growth to determine investment value before you make your decision. Can you meet for me coffee this week?”

Then it’s a run along the beach from Merewether to Bar Beach followed up by some laps in Merewether Baths then breakky at the Surf House with a mate if time permits.


Get home and plan for the day. I like starting work well before business hours because it gives me a head-start.


Meet Sonia at the office. Sonia is my Personal Assistant but I think some would say she’s running the show. She is efficient, hardworking and friendly and makes sure I have all the tools I need to do my job the best that I can. Sonia and I run through what is coming up for the day. I have a follow up scheduled with a gentleman named Greg who is thinking of selling his 3-bedroom home in Kotara.


I meet with Greg for coffee at his home in Kotara. I go through what I think the best plan for the sale of his home will be,

  1. Update the exterior. The home is in relatively good condition so I don’t recommend any structural changes, just a fresh coat of paint on the exterior. This can have a massive impact on the price, come sale day.
  2. I recommend styling the property for sale. It is an investment that can see returns of over $10k on the home. I have a list of stylists that I run Greg through in the case that he does decide to sell with me.
  3. I go through our Marketing plan for the home, which combines a combination of social media advertising, features on and and print advertising.
  4. I go through my early appraisal for the property based on previous sales in the suburb and my experience. I talk to Greg about setting up a valuation.
  5. I discuss the best option for Sale with Greg. I advise against an auction as it is coming into Winter and prices are cooling slightly. This may mean we don’t get the audience that we would have achieved in Summer. I believe with my database of contacts and marketing campaign; the house will get the interest we need to achieve a great price through private treaty.

We leave Greg to decide whether he would like to sell with Robinson Property and myself and Sonia.


I have an interested buyer, Rachel, who would like to inspect one of the properties we have for sale in Maryville. Rachel is very new to the housing market, she’s a First Home Buyer, and would like more information about the concessions available to her.

I let Rachel know that the NSW Government has put in place some measures to make it easier for her to buy,

  1. Abolished stamp duty on all homes up to $650,000
  2. Given stamp duty relief for homes up to $800,000
  3. Provided a $10,000 grant for builders of new homes up to $750,000 and purchasers of new homes up to $600,000
  4. Abolished insurance duty on lenders’ mortgage insurance.


Meeting with a solicitor to exchange contracts on a home we just sold in Hamilton. We have the signed copy of the contract from the buyer and the seller is in the meeting to sign their copy.  This is a very exciting time for the seller, so I give them a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne so they can celebrate!


Sonia and I have another inspection at a home in Lambton. This is a late one for a buyer who works 9-5 and can’t make it during the day. The buyer is very impressed with what they see and would like to schedule a building inspection. I set up a building inspection for them for the next available spot.


Finish up my emails for the day while my lovely wife Dom makes dinner, tomorrow night it’ll be my turn.


Finish work for the day and settle in to watch Married At First Sight (or some other trashy reality TV show) with Dom and our beautiful and talented daughters Lucy and Emily (pictured below).

Thank you for reading about a day in my life. If you have any questions about the process for selling or buying a home, please give me a call, you can find my contact details here. I’m always happy to help.

Watch the video below for a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of the sale of a home!


Mike Flook

Mike Flook

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