It’s hip to be square, especially when it leads to a national gold medal!

We have won a gold medal (wait for it!) for being the most efficient sales office in the nation. Yep, that’s right! Robinson has been recognised as the most efficient sales office in Australia.

You may wonder if this truly matters, indeed, if being efficient is interesting enough to warrant this mention. After all, being efficient isn’t as alluring as being the biggest. Or the most glamourous.

We here at Robinson take a contrarian view. We believe being efficient is the new black. To put it in trendy terms, we believe it’s hip to be square.

We may not be the biggest or the swankiest but we are honoured to be the most efficient!

This is not our first rodeo


2018 marks the third year in a row we have won the first prize in efficiency. We were excited the first year, humbled the second – and this year we are literally running around with our hair on fire (well, at least the ones among us who have hair).

Winning first prize for efficiency isn’t easy, let me tell you! Its measured on the number of properties sold, the total dollar value of properties sold and efficiency rating of sales people to support staff.

We’ve been fortunate to receive the opportunities we have. Without sounding like we’re bragging (OK, only a little!) we’ve worked hard for them. We listed and sold the most, and the most efficiently to out-rank all other real estate agencies across Australia.

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved. We also recognise we have more work ahead in terms of battling the perception of an industry that is ranked just above that of a used car sales person and below politicians in terms of trust.

We are not the fast-talking, dazzling agents you may associate with the industry; we are hardworking and efficient. Nothing boring about that (said the bow tied real estate agent).

There’s nothing boring about a little hard work!

Welcoming better brings welcome results


We think it pays to be a little ‘just-so’. Let’s agree to call this meticulous (before you get in first and characterise us as real estate nerds!)

It’s this ethos that has seen us set the goal to always Welcome Better. We strive to exceed expectations. It provides direction for our team and results for our clients.

Our team are driven to exceed expectations.

So, thank you to all our loyal clients who choose to work with us even though we may not be the biggest or the swankiest. We will continue to strive to be the most hardworking, most knowledgeable agents we can be because to put it frankly; we welcome better results.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

Virtual high-five from

Matt Waddell

PS: See how hip we are over here?

Matt Waddell

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