A few things to consider before moving into your first rental

So you want to finally move out and have found the perfect place to rent. Here are a few things to consider before you can enjoy the freedom of having your own place and everything else that comes along with it.

1. Figuring out if you’re ready to move out

Renting on your own (or with others in a share house) means that you’ll be responsible for part, if not all, of the bills. This might sound daunting at first, but there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of apps on your phone to help you calculate your budget. Here are a few apps and websites to help you get started and calculate your budget:

a) Money Smart: Budget Planner
b) Pocket Book
c) Mint
d) Wally

Use these apps to calculate your spending and determine whether you can afford the expenses associated with renting, such as buying your own groceries, going to the movies, or taking the train. Be honest with yourself about your actual spending habits. After you’ve calculated your budget, you should know whether you’re ready to move out.

2. Signing the tenancy agreement

You should receive documentation from the landlord, which includes the residential tenancy agreement. The agreement will set out your rights and obligations under the tenancy, which you will need to sign before moving in. Even though you might want to rush through with the paperwork, make sure you have a thorough read over the agreement and bring up anything that concerns you with the real estate agent or landlord.

3. Pack and go

In an ideal world, booking a removalist to help you move would be the easiest way. However, if you’re trying to save, then there are other ways to move as well. Depending on how much you’re moving, it could be done by multiple car rides, or a mate with a ute. Alternatively, rent a van for a couple of hours and start packing away. Make sure you label all the boxes. This will assist greatly during the unpacking stage when you’re trying to figure out where everything is!

4. Organising the mess

You’re in your new house and there are boxes everywhere. Where do you start? Since (if you have been following the above) you’ve labeled all of the boxes, you’ll know exactly where to find all the essentials. So, unpack everything you need for the night, kick back and relax. You have to accept you’re not going to finish organising everything within a day so might as well enjoy the mess for a bit.

Tip: Ordering takeout for the first few nights means you won’t have to set anything up to cook until everything’s unpacked, so set a budget for this.

5. Updating your details

You’re finally done with everything else, it’s time to change your address so you receive all your mail again. Many places allow you to update your details online now, so you won’t even have to leave your house for this. If your university, workplace, or any other services have a website, you’ll most likely be able to login and change everything you need. Alternatively, you can use mail redirection for the first few weeks until you have time to set everything up.

6. The long-awaited ‘Housewarming Party’

All that’s left for you to do is to send out those invitations and wait for friends and family to come over and make your home feel like a ‘home’. This will be a great time to give everyone the quintessential house tour.

Congratulations! It might’ve been a stressful and tiresome process, but you know it was all worth it in the end because now you get to enjoy your long-awaited freedom and independence.

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