Tony and Isaac, Robinson’s father and son team

The opportunity to work with my son and share my knowledge of the property market has been a dream of mine for many years. A dream that l finally realised this year as I joined forces with my son, Isaac.

Working with Isaac as Robinson Property’s father and son team has allowed me to share my 20+ years of real estate experience. That is not to say that Isaac is not teaching me new things every day! He is smart, driven and great with technology. Together, we combine our unique skill sets to guide our clients to a better outcome.

We know that guiding our clients to a better outcome requires both emotional stamina and high aspiration. I have learnt that preparation matters, the more prepared we are, the more we can improvise. Isaac and myself are negotiators and the most important skill of a negotiator is empathy. By creating relationships with our clients, we see things from their point of view.

Being an effective negotiator means approaching each situation with a win-win mind-set. We don’t believe in scarcity or that there must be a winner of loser. We believe in paring the right client with the right buyer for a mutually beneficial outcome. We do this by listening, being completely transparent with all parties and creating solutions where people may have fallen short before us.

Above all else, Isaac and I value the importance of equitability, we look for a win-win for all parties. There is no win-lose. Every party gets supreme value, we come from an abundance rather than scarcity perspective. We look forward to working with you to achieve win-win scenarios for everyone involved!


Tony Reville




Tony Reville

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