The Confidence to Invest

Aspiring to invest in property and adding to your existing portfolio are exciting ideas.  But where do you start?  Many follow the papers, the market commentators and spruikers of developments in locations we have never heard of offering deals to grab your attention and wallet (for 30+ years).

Start with Why?

The best place to start is, why! Why are you wanting to invest property compared to shares, bonds, art, classic cars etc.  Depending on your interest and expectations the reasons may be one or a combination of the following,

  • Capital growth,
  • Passive income,
  • Develop-ability,
  • Renovation to flip,
  • Future home to downsize into, along with many others. 

    Ask yourself why you’re wanting to invest. To renovate to flip? To have a future home to downsize to?

Next Step- Research!

Once you understand your WHY you can then focus on research for the investment type.  Seek out experienced professionals in the chosen area and become familiar with the results and trends.  With this new found knowledge and confidence seek out the further advice from your financial planners, banks and lending institutions to confirm if the time is right for you.

Keep close to the market within your chosen area.

Keep Close to the Market

With all the above in place, keep close to the market within your chosen area.  If you are seeking an area that offers unparalleled lifestyle including world class beaches, working harbour, restaurants, bars, arts, with a cosmopolitan feel look no further than Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Nelson Bay.

Robinson Property Management Results

We are pleased to provide our property management results for December 2017 which highlights:

  • Diversity of tenants with the median rent being $430pw (low of $220pw and high of $1000pw),
  • Occupancy rate of 99%,
  • 71 properties leased,
  • 14.3 average days on market

Entrusted to manage in excess of 2100 properties across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens we at Robinson help investors grow wealth through property and tenants find quality housing.  If your property is vacant, or if you are unhappy with your property management service we are here to help, with management packages commencing from 3.96%

Better property management is better investing. Welcome better. Robinson Property.

Thanks for reading,

Simon Boyle.

Simon Boyle

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