Cveta Kolarovski Real Estate Agents

Cveta Kolarovski Licensed Property Consultant


Cveta truly possesses an interesting blend of expertise, market intelligence and unique approach to clients. She is an agent that no one will easily forget, as she is the real deal –tenacious, determined, with a charismatic, warm personality that shines through everything she does. She goes above and beyond, and always exceeds the sellers’ expectations.

Although it has been a successful 16 years in business for Cveta, she made major accomplishments since 2010. She was recognised as a Standout Agent at one of Australia’s leading real estate agencies soon after having her four children. Following that recognition, she was ranked within the Top 3 Sales Agents by a leading real estate agency brand.

Cveta Kolarovski can boast of an extremely successful career path in real estate business. She is ranked among the top selling agents nationally, and repeatedly wins awards for her amazing sales records (which became legendary among her peers!).

The awards and nominations started pouring in. Last year alone, she was the Regional Finalist for the 2015 REB Real Estate Agent of the Year.

That is why sellers are constantly sending testimonials full of praise about their experience with Cveta and the buyers are lining up even before she has a listing!

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